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Printer Compuprint

Compuprint SP40
  • SP40 LAN – Integrated Ethernet 10/100 Base T board

  • SP40 Scanner – INTEGRATED single pass front/rear colour scanner (up to 600dpi resolution)

  • SP40 MICR – Integrated Magnetic Ink Characters Reader printhead

  • SP40 MSR/W – Integrated Magnetic Strip Reader/Writer printhead

  • SP40 MSR/W & MICR – Integrated MSR/W and MICR printhead

  • SP40 Scanner/MSR/W & MICR – Multifuncion Printer

  • Further to above models Compuprint offers special models addressed to front office applications and public utilities:

  • SP40 Passports – Prints passbooks up to 3,5mm thickness

  • SP40 Barcode – Reading and decoding of barcodes

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